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Booth No. AE59

Quiccs is a Philippines based artist, renowned for his distinctive fusion of street art, graffiti and toy design – “TEQ63” is his iconic creation of a stylized robot character.

Royal Selangor

Booth No. B23

Royal Selangor, the world’s foremost name in quality pewter, is synonymous with design and craftsmanship. They offer a wide range of tableware, décor, collectibles, and gift items.


Booth No. AE11

Hi! I am Shel from @sheldonartory. I am a part time illustrator and I enjoy doodling my pets, other animals and occasionally funny memes that brings joy to others.


Booth No. A10

The world's most rewarding way to shop. The ShopBack Group is Asia-Pacific’s leading shopping, rewards, and payments platform with Online Cashback, Vouchers, Pay and PayLater.

Si Juki

Booth No. AE43

Si Juki x Kong Andri will present Exclusive Si Juki Art Toy and Owange Boy by artist from Indonesia, Faza Meonk & Kong Andri.


Booth No. D17

SKULLPANDA emerged as a distinctive kind of existence. As a universal symbiont, it travels freely across planets, looks for itself in fission, plays different roles and experience different lives.


Booth No. AE07 & AE08

A turnkey web3 metaverse architect & solution provider with a strong emphasis on blockchain based gaming, event production, outreach and education.

Solid Toys

Booth No. AE18

SOLID TOYS is the premier retailer of designer and art toys in the Philippines.


Booth No. AE23

Sriste is a Singapore-based artist who created “Blobbie” – a delightful, small blob designed to spread joy and solace to people, which was inspired from round shapes and her passion.

Tenkaku Lab

Booth No. D38

Tenkaku Creation Lab is established to focus on creating a diversified type of fun and products. Their main IPs are "Siamese Cat Azukisan", "Kuraya Shiba", "Moonbera", and "Cocolis".


Booth No. AE15

Thebunmeo creates cute pastel art revolving around the artist’s pet bunny, Romeo, together with his fluffy pals ♡ We hope our art brings you warmth and joy! ૮₍ ´ ꒳ `₎ა


Booth No. D11

In 2015, artist Kasing Lung brought LABUBU and its enchanting fairy world to life, turning his conceptual artwork into a picture books series - The Monsters Trilogy - with each character possessing unique appearances and personalities.

The Singapore Mint

Booth No. A01

The Singapore Mint is a leading mint recognized globally for crafting intricate & innovative coins. Check out Pop-Culture coins & experience the art of minting with our paper press activity!


Booth No. G29

tokidoki, which translates to “sometimes” in Japanese, is an internationally recognized and iconic lifestyle brand based on the artwork of Italian Artist Simone Legno.


Booth No. AE27 - AE30

Toy Art PH is a platform that caters to the community of artists, collectors, and enthusiasts alike that are interested in urban, designer, and art toys.


Booth No. D23

TOYZEROPLUS believes everything STARTS FROM ZERO. By adding the “PLUS” spirit into it, the toy culture could be expanded and shared to the big community. ZERO limits, be PLUS.


Booth No. AE40

Wasuka Art is an artist management agency helping artists to develop their practice and careers through custom programs, gallery collabs & creative networks.


Booth No. AE50

XAP is a graphic design and art collective that combines elements of trendy lifestyles and merges the diversity of cultural observation into the work.

XM Studios

Booth No. C29

Award-winning producer of handcrafted and hand-painted luxury art collectibles with more than 300 designs produced for brands such as Marvel, DC, Transformers and Ultraman.


Booth No. D29

We are a Hong Kong base company  main design and produce collectible items


Booth No. AE18

Ziqi is an independent artist from Singapore. He is also the creator of Dino. He creates different types of artworks from characters he creates and share them with anyone who loves them.