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Ichibankuji by Genesis Frontier

Booth No. AE22

Ichibankuji is Japan's most popular sure-win lucky draw. Prizes include popular anime titles and more!


Booth No. AE46

We are IN TOY Established in 2020 Committed to making amazing toys Hope to bring you good memories with toys

Jessica Emmett

Booth No. AE21

Jessica Emmett will be demoing designer toy making and doing art work at her booth. She'll be showcasing some of her new 3D prints.


Booth No. AE47

Jinart aims to bring joy and happiness around people through fun, innovative and creativity of toy collectibles and art illustrations.

Jon-Paul Kaiser

Booth No. AE49 & AE61

Independent UK artist known for his bold shadows and intricate tattoo designs.


Booth No. AE36

Kamaboko is a creative collective by Julia Wee & Darrel Cheong. An illustrator and graphic designer transforming and incorporating our ideas in 2D and 3D.


Klaris Artworks

Booth No. AE25

Klaris is a Philippines-based contemporary artist who has been creating designer toys since 2019. Her flagship toy is "Maria" the Off White Lady.



Booth No. E29

Everyone knows a male friend with a signature poker face, secretive, has great taste and vast interests, and will perform his best on things he likes – KUBO is that ideal guy.

Little Good Thing

Booth No. AE37

Turning some fun ideas into toys,wish that people can share the joy through his toys. Also, work with other toy designers around the world with his wood style coloring.

Little Poupees Studio

Booth No. AE35

Little Poupees Studio create little doll, huge companion.

Luke Chueh

Booth No. AE33 & AE48

Luke Chueh is a Los Angeles based artist/designer. Drawing influences from pop art to surrealism, his toys and paintings have been featured galleries and museums around the world.

Master 9Eyes

Booth No. AE42

PureArts presents the successful collaboration with the artist Daytoner, bringing his unique character design MASTER9EYES to life with Jap Mech culture and urban fashion combined.


Booth No. AE26

Meatspace is a Web3 Art Gallery based in the Philippines. We exhibit both Physical and Digital Artworks. An art experience traditional art forms and modern technology.

MEGA Collection

Booth No. B17

MEGA Collection is designed to be the initial collectible that young individuals should possess, aiming to establish a strong connection with collectors. The series of this collection is available in three sizes: 100%, 400%, and 1000%.

Mengmax Studio

Booth No. AE62

"Rorowink-Banana|Can I be friends with you?" Check out one of our popular products at the POP TOY SHOW.


Booth No. AE04

Creators of endless adventures and champions of inclusivity, with a deep rooted commitment to creativity. Unleash imagination with MERTHEWIZ.

Michael Chuah Design

Booth No. AE38

Michael Chuah is a character designer and comic book artist. He also expanded his creativity into toy making, with "Yuurei Neko Sama" gaining significant attention in 2018.


Booth No. B11

Molly, the little girl created by Kenny Wong in 2006, was originally inspired by a young child Kenny met in a painting event. She has lake-blue eyes, pouting lips and a little world full of imagination. With a lovely personality, along with various designs, she has won the hearts of many fans.

Monster Taipei

Booth No. D37

MONSTER TAIPEI INTERNATIONAL INC., established in 1999, is a company that dedicate promoting art toys and exhibits. In 2004, we founded the Taipei Toy Festival (TTF), which has now celebrated its 20th anniversary.

Nanjing DoD Toys

Booth No. AE60

Another form of Barbie doll, very popular in Japan, Korea, and China

One Little Planet

Booth No. E23

One Little Planet – a brand new platform where we are able to create new concepts freely and in addition assist proficient creators we like to make their concepts come to life.

Onibi Art

Booth No. AE20

ONIBI is an artist and professional nuisance who enjoys dabbling in toys, product and consumer merchandise. She loves illustration, character and style guide design.


Booth No. AE44 & AE45

Otakaraya is a toy collector’s paradise carrying popular brands like Hot Toys, POP MART and other one-of-a-kind collectible figurines.

Pandaeyes handmade

Booth No. AE34

The brand is inspired by manga elements and loves to explore to design anthropomorphic characters, to influence people with positive vibes from cute expressions from the characters.

Planet Bear

Booth No. AE41

"Planet Bear" established as a wholly-owned artistic and creative company in 2018, specializes in retailing happiness and warmth.

Pony on Wheel

Booth No. D24

Studio Pony on Wheel. Provide all-phase business solutions for toy designers and artists, including marketing, branding, manufacture, retail, licensing. Featured product: Dolores X Diesel Series

Poon Yew Fai

Booth No. AE05

Poon Yew Fai is the self-taught illustrator of "Shaolin and You", an art book of Chinese martial arts illustrations inspired by Shaolin Kung Fu.


Booth No. E24

Launched in 2022, POP BEAN is one of POP MART's newest product line with interactive gameplay. Featuring a chibi version of multiple POP MART classic IPs, it allows fans to own a piece of their favourite IPs in a single bottle. Fill the bottles with your favourite POP BEANs within 3 minutes to bring home a bottle of cuteness.


Booth No. F25

Founded in 2010, POP MART is the largest and fastest-growing pop-toy maker in China, offering an extensive selection of licensed and collaboration pop-toys with new designs released weekly. 


Booth No. AE13 & AE14

PRECIOUS JUNKZ AND FRIENDS: we're all about fun, creativity, and a dash of intrigue. Spot us at global events, proudly showcasing our vibrant universe of collectibles.


Booth No. E17

Pucky is the brand of the figurines designed by Pucky, the artist. It is named after Puck, the sprite in Shakespeare's play "A Midsummer Night's Dream". It represents the convergence of fantasy and the real world. Pucky's creations are based mostly on the exploration of nature and the spiritual world.

Punk Drunkers

Booth No. AE58

Established in August 1998. Characterized by high-impact, unforgettable graphics drawn by the artist OYAKATA. Carrying the concept of “UNCOOL IS COOL”, they launch unique collections.