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Booth No. H23

ActionCity is an established retail brand in Singapore since 2000, retailing a collection of novelty art collectibles and pop-culture items from Medicom Toy, Hot Toys, POP MART and more.

Alex Solis

Booth No. AE01 & AE16

Oddworx is an art brand focused on alexmdc's art and collaborations

AMAZ by Lokianno

Booth No. C37

We are dedicated to promoting the development of the Hong Kong designer toy industry, hosting exciting and dynamic toy and art exhibitions



Booth No. AE54

ANATOY is an Art Toy that brings the concept of anatomy to toys and talks about the mental or physical complexes that everybody has but hardly get people’s understanding.

Animal Market

Booth No. AE61

Originally created by Japanese artist Megumi @motitata



Booth No. AE06

Founded in 2019, Avocagoh centres around original characters Avo, and his two friends Poo and Rat. Avocagoh's creations and themes are a reflection of everyday life.

Bandai Namco

Booth No. F11

Bandai Namco’s purpose - Fun for All into the Future. Bandai Namco exists to share dreams, fun and inspiration with people around the world. Connecting people and societies in the enjoyment of uniquely entertaining products and services, we’re working to create a brighter future for everyone.



Booth No. A17

BBRC STUDIOS is an incubator for Art, Fashion, and Culture that is bridging the gap between Web2 and Web3 through a single ecosystem housing a collective of NFT projects and IPs.


Booth No. H33

"BE@RBRICK is a collectible toy designed and produced by Japanese company MediCom Toy Incorporated. It is widely recognised as the iconic art toy representing pop culture collectibles. "


Berry Winkle

Booth No. AE19

"Berry Winkle is the creator of Duck & Pigeon Boi. They are Bread Abducktor and Berry Nabber who love to steal bread and berries from the wild to create the perfect breakfast. "

Boxbox Lab

Booth No. AE51

coming-of-agestory of a child named Nikki who likes mice and a white mouse who makes themysterious cheese that makes a body grow.



Booth No. AE12

Telling stories through whimsical characters, Cynthia Delaney Suwito from Cacticyn recreates everyday scenes into fun adventures that brings out the humourous side of life.

Carrot Street

Booth No. AE63

Welcome to Tutoto's world! Tutoto has big eyes and signature smile. The concept behind is about to be yourself, and enjoy ordinary life.


Booth No. A67

CO PLAY is a community space that brings artists and collectors together to connect, interact and inspire new creative journeys into the world of pop culture art.

Chiko Roko

Booth No. A05

ChikoRoko is a popular collection powered by ARTOYS. It bridges the gap between physical and digital collecting with easy access, daily gifts, and engaging social features.


Creon Chkn Head

Booth No. AE31

Creon Chkn is the creator of the Chkn Head brand and designed a variety of art toys based on pop culture characters like Doraemanok and has his own original characters like Buck and more.


Daniel Yu

Booth No. AE24

Daniel Yu is a Singaporean sculptor and toy artist. Influenced by an upbringing steeped in local tradition and pop culture ephemera, his works combine both worlds of imagination.



Booth No. AE10

We mainly create artwork that we love and inspired Through daily walks of life. Lot of my design are designed in a way that it would bring back somechildhood memories of yours.



Booth No. F17

DIMOO is a little boy with big eyes and a sense of fear and confusion. Mother Cloud placed Baby Cloud on Dimoo’s head for company and it will change depending on Dimoo’s emotions.

Distort Monsters

Booth No. AE17 & AE32

Distort Monsters is a Philippine based street artist, known for his quirky and energetic characters that are visual representations of his inner self.


Booth No. A52

DOTOY is a design toy platform. Communicate with people through creative work using platforms, design things, and express diverse cultures.


Booth No. AE39

Edward Low aka Drawdelow started his toy journey in 2016. His artworks are inspired by puns and daily life events which act as a self-reminder to always look at the bright side.



Booth No. AE09

Parin and Erikartoon's intricate and dark illustrations seek to unlock unexplored realms, compelling us to face the intricacies of our emotions and perceptions.


Booth No. AE02 & AE03

Say hi to Hello Boney and perhaps meet MrKumKum and Luke Chueh too!


Booth No. D01

Fun Claw aims to create a space exclusively for claw machines where families and friends can bond over the simplicity of having a fun time while shopping together. Our family friendly environment offers a cosy game play experience that prominently differentiates us from others. Fun Claw aims to rekindle the excitement of visiting the shopping malls and encourage people to step outside to have fun.

Global Figures Showcase

Booth No. AE56 & AE57

Global Figure Showcase is produced by fig-lab and is dedicated to promoting Indie Toy Artists and their creations to fans all over the world.

Guangzhou Pinyun Culture

Booth No. E37

Guangzhou Pinyun Cultural Creativity created a new generation of traditional Chinese culture and modern aesthetic, producing popular IPs like Deer King, MiMiA, FLORA and more.



Booth No. E11

HACIPUPU is a small boy with a little snot and likes to hide his little hands behind his back. He looks introverted and quiet on the outside, but has a rich inner world that provides others serenity and companionship.


Booth No. B05 & B06

Hakken! is a brand new online retail store specializing in Anime goods, aiming to create a unique retail experience for customers by integrating tailored immersive events and the convenience of online shopping.
Hakken! will also be holding events at malls in Singapore near you, as well as events in Southeast Asia, so keep an eye out for us.
Discover something new with Hakken! today!

Handsome Studio

Booth No. AE53

Handsome studio plans, develops, and produces art toys, animation, webtoons, picture books, and digital content based on original characters targeted toward adults


Booth No. AE55

“HARIKEN” is a character brand by Japanese designer Kenichi Hariu, and produces soft vinyl figures and more. With the theme of “SMILE TOYS”, HARIKEN brings love and smiles to people.


Booth No. C23

With our vision ‘TOY IS LIFE’, we believe each toy has its own life. Having promoting pop culture as our creed, we aim to become the platform for more young people who are fond of pop toys, to build connections between the artists, designers and their global fans.


Hot Toys

Booth No. B29

Hot Toys is a high-end collectible Hong Kong company specialising in crafting world-class licensed characters as collectible figures with incredible craftsmanship.

Hungry Hamster

Booth No. AE22

Hungry Hamster art toy serves as a symbolic representation of the all-pervasive greed that exists within individuals and society as a whole.